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Where Do Book Ideas Come From?

Is it all in our head?

It never amazes me that I always have one scenario or another running around in my brain! I could look at an antique wagon in a field and begin wondering about its beginnings – who left it there, and so on. I could see a mangy dog with a limp and, just like that, I am creating a fictional scenario around it. When my husband and I are driving somewhere and I am staring out the window, his usual question is, “What are you thinking about?” My response? “Oh many things!” And that is the truth! I could have multiple thoughts going at the same time. I have even been told that I have a very active imagination, and I usually say thank you!

Your reality is only an imagination away!

See, I don’t think having an active imagination or a busy mind is a bad thing. How many times do children get told that their ideas are silly? Are they silly or is that child like me – constantly thinking about things in their environment? Maybe that child is going to grow up to be the next famous fiction writer or movie maker. Why is it a bad thing when children live in fantasy? Isn’t that what grown-ups do when we read or watch a movie?

I think the best ideas come from taking something from reality and putting it into a fantasy world. After all, who wouldn’t want to go thru the glass ceiling with Willie Wonka or ride on the Polar Express?

But you don’t have to be a child or even a seasoned author to come up with a good story. I bet you have something that you have always thought of right inside your own head? Don’t believe me? Isn’t that the premise of talking to our smart phones today? Aren’t we constantly asking Siri questions? It’s because we wonder about things.

Have you ever said the words, “I wonder?” Have you ever said something like, “I wonder how far the moon is away from the earth?” Throw in a couple of what if scenarios – what if the moon began drawing closer to the earth in a rapid fashion? What if there really are aliens on the moon and they have begun an attack on the earth? And, Boom! The beginning of an idea for a story.

So the next time you hear a child saying something that you think is silly, think about those aliens on the moon. Maybe they really are going to come to the earth and maybe, just maybe, you will be the one to save the world!

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