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The Thrill of Mysteries!

Mysteries – We all love them, but why?

Have you ever wondered what drives the human mind to love a good mystery?  Is it that we all secretly want to be like Sherlock Holmes and figure out what is going on before we get to the end or before anyone else figures it out?  Or is it that we love to be surprised?  Maybe the twists and turns are like a puzzle to us and we just have to piece it together.  Whatever it is, a good mystery can be an addiction.  At least to me they are.  The more twists and turns in a mystery, the more my mind stays engaged, and being a Gemini, I crave intellectual stimulation.

Your reality is only an imagination away!

Mysteries help us to escape reality and live in a dangerous or unpredictable world without actually getting harmed.  We can dip our toe into the waters of uncertainty or fear, yet never get wet.  But sometimes, there is a negative connotation with a mystery.  In today’s world, many times, the thought of a mystery involves a gruesome murder or hideous person doing who knows what to whomever.  While there are those of us who like those kinds of horror mysteries, that is not my idea of a good mystery.

To me, a good mystery, even if it has a murder in it, does not have to show the gruesome details.  A good writer can infer ideas that leads the reader to understand that something bad has happened.  Take the move Psycho for example.  We all watched as the crazy man entered the woman’s cabin while she was taking a shower.  We saw the shadow of his image on the shower curtain and we saw red colored liquid going down the drain.  What we didn’t see was the actual stabbing and the body of the poor innocent woman.  Did we need to?  I think we all understood what happened.

But the question in the story was “why” was this man crazy?  And that is what drove the story.  And to me the main idea is what should drive a story, not the gruesome images.

But whatever it is that intrigues us about mysteries, one thing is for certain, the mind is an amazing thing!  It lets us go into places that most of us will never get to go.  It lets us see things and experience things that we can do from the comfort of our own sofa on a rainy afternoon…when the lights go out…and there is a strange sound in the back room…and the dog starts to growl……

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