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The Vanderhoof Conspiracy

For William Vanderhoof, death signaled the end to his suffering.  But for his wife, Elizabeth, it was just the beginning.  Arrested and placed on trial for the murder of her husband, the case wasn’t as clear-cut as some thought it would be.  Who really killed William, and further more, why?

“Well-written and thought out. Nail-biter until the very end. When is the sequel coming out?”  Sherri F.

”Riveting – I am not a big reader but I couldn’t put it down. The story was well told and had a surprising twist.“ Mike

“Should Make This Into a Movie! – The Vanderhoof Conspiracy is a well written story that entwines past events with modern-day images and kept me interested enough to uncover the conclusion as I finished it in one afternoon/ evening!”  Laura K.

“Really great book! Two stories weaved together in great fashion. The two stories jump from past to present but are not related how I thought they would be. The book was fun to read. The characters were easy to follow and the story was interesting.” Jeff W.

“This mystery (which is based on a true story) will have you wondering what happens next. The story jumps through time, re-telling the tale of a murder which took place a century and a half ago and how it became relevant today. This novel packs plenty of suspense and surprises that will keep you enthralled until the very end!“  Jeremiah R.