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As a child, I always loved reading.  It was a place where I could go and meet people and see things that would take me away from my everyday reality.  And just like that, I could transport myself to the prairie, or the mountains, or even into the past.  I could ride alongside cowboys on the plains, walk in the woods with a lost child, or go sailing on a pirate ship!  And that love is what drew me into writing. 



Your reality is only an imagination away.

Writing has always been something that came easy for me. At any given time, I always seem to have different scenerios floating around in my head. But, when I was a young mother raising three children, I didn’t have much time to write on a large scale, so I would write short stories for them, and of course, I read books to them every chance I got. Heck, I think I have the entire Dr. Seuss series memorized! But my favorite things, that have always intrigued me, are antiques and the past, specifically the 1800 time period. And this is where I find my niche. In The Vanderhoof Conspiracy, you will meet characters, who were actually real people, that lived around 1884, and you will follow them thru a fictional story about a real murder trial.

In my new book, The Farmhouse, you will follow Susan Jenkins on a mysterious path that begins in an old farmhouse and borders on the edge of psychotic. And of course, there is a sequel planned for The Vanderhoof Conspiracy! I am also currently working on another mystery, but in the meantime, please take a moment and get your free copy of The Vanderhoof Conspiracy below and check out MY BOOKS page.

And now, time for me to pick up Susan Jenkins, in The Farmhouse, where I left her last…….